WEBINAR: Thursday, April 21, 2022, 1 pm EST

How to Improve Operational Efficiencies and Add More Automation Between the Back Office, Field Technicians, and Customers

Learn how KloudGin and powercloud will provide an overall better experience for service agents, field service, and the end customer through data collection, automated communication, and real-time access to information. By joining forces, powercloud and KloudGin can collect more data to empower the field workers and bring in more automation when and where they want it. We have exciting use cases to demonstrate using AI and demonstrating an end-to-end customer journey between the front-end and back-end platforms. 


Webinar Speakers

Obe Everett

Director Program Management and Business Systems Support, Louisville Water


Steven Dawson

VP & Country Manager, powercloud Americas Inc. 

Stefan Laskowski

Director Solution Engineer, powercloud Americas Inc. 


Mark Fletcher

Senior Account Manager, KloudGin Inc.


Brent Schuette

Senior Solution Engineer, KloudGin Inc.